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Seamless end-to-end drilling activity management.


Axis onSiteDDR is an easy to use mobile app enabling access to your drilling activity, safety and inspection data instantly.

Capture activities, manage operations, maximise profitability

Axis onSiteDDR is an easy to use mobile app that automates and records your day-to-day drilling activities to optimise you daily operations from site to office.

Axis onSiteDDR powered by CorePlan digitises cost contracts, drill production, inspections, and more, making processes easier, faster, and more cost effective.

CorePlan streamlines activities and makes reporting effortless with real-time analytics to enhance production visibility and raise operational efficiency.

From planning to completion, CorePlan improves the efficiency and interoperability of your core processes.



  • Digitise and email drill-plods for free
  • Simplify timesheets and reports
  • Measure productivity as it happens
  • Manage inspections and safety report
  • Automate cost contracts and invoicing
  • Implement efficiencies daily

Spec Sheets

Simplicity in your hand

Easy to use mobile apps so you can access your drilling activity, safety and inspection data instantly.
ddr Android
  • Simple drill reporting available on iOS and Android mobile devices

  • Capture daily drilling production, timesheets and activities

  • Provide the drill crew with up-to-date data using real-time analytics

safety Android
  • Safety and inspections in one central location on your mobile device

  • Provide the drill team full access to your policies and procedures

  • Manage inspections, incidents and maintenance as they happen

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