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CorePlan is a drilling activity management platform. 

Optimise your daily operations

CorePlan streamlines activities and makes reporting effortless with real-time analytics to enhance the visibility and raise the operational efficiency of your project. CorePlan digitises cost contracts, drill production, inspections, and more, making processes easier, faster, and more cost effective. The easy to use mobile applications simplify data entry to allow your team to collect consistent data, standardise operations, and identify and resolve issues.

End to end centre of operations

CorePlan was designed to automate the mundane processes that drilling companies often face and allows all of your company’s data to be accessed in one central location through the cloud.


Simplify data entry

Online. Offline. So you can work wherever you are no matter what.

Our user-friendly mobile applications digitise your forms and processes, increasing the consistency and accuracy of your data so you can eliminate human error and unnecessary double-handling.


Real-time reporting to maximise profitability

Real-time analytics at your fingertips helps you monitor every rig on every project. You know where utilisation stands through rig scorecards which are designed to maximise chargeable hours and keep your team on track.


Fast timesheet approval and data sharing

Seamless review, approval, and data sharing workflows automate end of day reporting. Supervisors that use CorePlan report a 20% decrease in the time that it takes to approve daily drill reports, track meters, forecast costs, and schedule drilling.

Smart cost contract management

CorePlan makes contract and client management simple and trouble-free by eliminating the traditional complicated spreadsheets. The automated rig summaries make invoicing effortless, saving you time and money.


Quick deployment

In less than half a day you will have a scalable, intuitive platform with seamless field-to-office workflows. Deploy with minimal disruption to your team’s ability to work.

Easy Onboarding

Bringing your team onboard has never been easier. Use role-based access controls to assign team members to each your projects.

Comprehensive Integrations

We securely integrate with your company's already existing systems with our simple to maintain APIs to ensure an uniterrupted and low-cost integration.

Ongoing support

We are here for you and your entire team. We will provide ongoing assistance with onboarding, training, configuration and more. You can always contact us for support.

Continuous Improvement

Unlike traditional solutions, we are continuously developing CorePlan. We address your needs fast and provide custom solutions if required.

Do more for less hassle with our flexible, cost effective software service.

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