Your source for advanced mining survey technology

Your source for advanced
mining survey technology

Magnetic multi-purpose drill hole surveying system.

The Champ Discoverer Electronic Multishot is a magnetic drill hole surveying system designed to make the data collection process simpler and easier for the operator.

The hand-held ruggedised tablet communicates wirelessly with the Champ Discoverer probe through an infra-red data link. The timer in the hand-held unit is synchronized with the probe, prior to being lowered into the drill hole, and data is saved into memory as each shot is taken.

When the survey is complete, the data is downloaded to the hand-held tablet which displays the processed data along with primary quality control indicators including Mag Field, Mag Dip, Btotal and Gtotal.

When exported to Axis’ onTrack™ Survey Analysis Software, further features such as enhanced analysis, survey and 3D graphical views as well as report generation are available to the user.

  • onTrack™ Survey Analysis Software
  • Wireless Data Transfer to Cloud via Axis onSite™
  • Real-time Facility

Singleshot, Multishot & Orientation
Robust & Reliable (1000g axial)
High Speed Infra-red Communication
Simple & Effective Quality Control
Long Life Re-chargeable Batteries
Battery Voltage Indicator

Small Compact Instrument Module

Easy to handle and highly robust

In-field Battery Module replacement

Two battery modules supplied

User Friendly

Uses intuitive modern Axis proprietary software

Wireless Communications Module

High speed infra-red communication

Easy Data Transfer

Plug in USB stick to transfer data from controller
Wireless data transfer from tablet to cloud via Axis onSite™

High Accuracy Calibration Procedure Employed

Helmholz coil calibration system

Real Time Instrument Facility

Orientate wedges and Downhole Motors quickly and accurately

onTrack™ Survey Analysis Software

3D Graphical displays and view surveys
Quality control analysis and survey report generation
Project or hole by hole view in Google Earth

  • Azimuth : +/- 0.5º
  • Inclination : +/- 0.3º
  • Gravity Toolface : +/- 0.3º
  • Magnetic Dip Angle : +/- 0.5º
  • Magnetic Intensity : +/- 250nT
  • Inclination : -90° to +90°
  • Azimuth : 0° to 360°
Temperature, Shock & Pressure Rating
  • Temperature : -30C° to + 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)
  • Shock : 1000g Axial, 1/2 sine, 1ms
  • Pressure Rating : 6000psi or 4000m (13,125ft) in fresh water
Battery & Memory
  • 1700mAh Li-Ion rechargeable pack
  • Recharge Time : 4-6 hours
  • Battery Usage : 25 hours (operating)
  • Battery voltage display
Dimensions & Weight
Downhole Probe in Running Gear
  • Outside Diameter : 38mm (1.5”)
  • Length : 1260mm (49.6”)
  • Weight : 7.2kg (15.9lbs)
Handheld Tablet
  • Ruggedised water resistant tablet
  • Dimensions : 185 x 93 x 21mm (7.28 x 3.66 x 0.81”)
  • Weight : 385g (0.85lbs)
Measurements & Communication
  • Singleshot, multishot & orientation operation
  • Measurement interval 10 sec
  • High speed infra-red communication
  • Wireless data transfer from tablet to cloud via Axis onSite™

Technical specifications are subject to change without notification.

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