Your source for advanced mining survey technology

Your source for advanced
mining survey technology

Reliability, Simplicity & Performance. Surface readout and memory capability on a unique solid state North Seeking platform.

The next generation Champ Gyro SRO offers high speed continuous survey capability at speeds of up to 200m (656ft) per minute as well as singleshot, multishot or orientation modes of operation.

Operations can be run in surface readout or memory mode providing unprecedented flexibility to survey the widest range of applications.

A robust intelligent design, low maintenance and cost of repair ensures the SRO’s cost of ownership is the lowest in the industry.

As with all Axis technology, it’s remarkably simple to operate.

Run on E-line, the Champ Gyro SRO provides real time North Seeking gyro data to any surface PC or download data acquired in memory mode via high speed wireless communication.

Once powered up the probe requires less than 60 seconds to warm up before its ready to be run downhole. A 5 min in-hole gyrocompass is all that is required prior to running in high speed continuous mode.

Axis’ onPoint™ proprietary Adaptive Roll Technology offers high roll tolerance and surveying speeds up to 200m (656 ft) per min.

Alternatively, North Seeking singleshot, multishot or orientation measurements can be taken as and when required.

Running on cable, encoder depth (e-line or memory) is automatically integrated with azimuth and inclination data throughout the survey.

SRO can be used confidently to run on rods horizontal, pump in surveys, orientation of motor or wedges and much more.

  • North Seeking Solid State
  • Singleshot, Multishot & Orientation
  • High Speed Continuous Operation
  • onPoint™ Adaptive Roll Technology
  • Measure at Any Inclination
  • Surface Readout or Memory
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Azimuth : +/- 0.75°*
  • Inclination : +/- 0.15°
  • Precision : <0.1% of measured depth (continuous mode)
  • Gravity Toolface : +/- 0.2°
  • Gyro Toolface : +/- 0.75°
  • Operating : -90° to +90°**
Surface Setup
  • Warm up time : 45 sec
Downhole Travel
  • Angular Rate : 200° per second rotation
  • Velocity (continuous survey) : 200m/min (656ft/min)
  • Cable length : 5000m (max) (16,404ft)
  • Cable resistance : 300 Ohm
Depth Assignment
  • Manual depth input
  • Wireless or wired depth integration
    (AMT Electronic Depth Counter or 3rd party encoder)
  • Re-chargeable Li-ion 5000mAh
  • 12 hours continuous operation
Temperature, Shock & Pressure Rating
  • Temperature : -10°c to +70°c (14°F to 158°F)
  • Shock : 1000g Axial, ½ sine, 1ms
  • Pressure rating : 4000psi
Dimensions & Weight
Downhole Probe in Running Gear
  • Outside Diameter : 42mm (1.65“)
  • E-Line System Length : 2,685mm (105.7”)
  • Memory System Length: 2,713mm (106.8”)
  • Weight : 10kg (22.04lbs) / 18.5kg centralised (40.78lbs)
Surface Interface Unit
  • L : 300mm (11.81”), W : 200mm (7.87”), H : 150mm (5.90”)
  • Weight : 2kg (4.4lbs)
  • Input Voltage : 90VAC to 240VDC
  • Output Current : 125mA
  • Probe Power Consumption : 2W
Measurements & Communication
  • Continuous data acquisition every 3m at 180m/min (9.8ft at 590ft/min)
  • North Seeking singleshot, multishot & orientation
  • 2 min gyrocompass shot time (higher accuracy modes available)
  • Wireless data communication between tablet and probe
  • Wireless depth transfer via AMT’s Electronic Depth Counter
Surface Computer Requirements
  • Windows 8/10/XP, USB port

Technical specifications are subject to change without notification.
*Gyrocompass azimuth accuracy is latitude dependent and quoted at 1 sigma at inclinations between -20° to -90° & +20° to +90°.
**Continuous operation range at inclinations -85° to +85°.

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