Your source for advanced mining survey technology

Your source for advanced
mining survey technology

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Up time

Axis does not just supply a product – we provide a solution. Its our job to ensure you have an Axis product on the job, all the time. For rental customers no matter what the reason, we provide a 24-hour swap out service from any of our strategic locations.


As with any technology, training is important for trouble free operations which is why at Axis we provide unlimited training at no charge. Conducted by Axis technicians or by one of our experienced service centers.

Technical Support

Your local Axis representative or service center is there to help with any queries you may have. We’re committed to providing you with a fast response no matter where you are and no matter what time you call. Please see below contact numbers for support in a location near you.


South Africa: +27 11 568 0943

Asia Pacific

Australia: +61 (8) 9317 6911

North America

Canada: +1 604 909 2072
USA: +1 877 393 0133

South America

Mexico: +52 554 777 2226
Brazil: +55 113 181 5133
Chile: +56 225 994 538

Services & Support