North Seeking Multi-Shot Gyro

North Seeking Multi-Shot Gyro


The Original Driller’s Gyro

Champ Gyro

The Champ Gyro’s high accuracy North-Seek capability delivers greater drill-hole survey performance in less time for single-shot, multi-shot or orientation operation.

North Seek survey on the overshot as you pull core in B to P size rods with the Champ Gyro™ run in the Champ OSA™ fast descent 45.0mm (1.77”) or 42.0mm (1.65’’) slimline assemblies.

Replace conventional magnetic singleshot surveys by surveying each time you pull core with the Champ OSA and increase hole positional certainty whilst decreasing costs through reduced rig downtime.

Drill more and eliminate survey time by replacing separate electronic single-shot survey runs with North Seek surveys, taken as a core sample is retrieved.

Increase drill-hole positional certainty with the Champ Gyro’s independent North Seek measurements which are not affected by magnetic interference, collar azimuth or subsequent cumulative continuous survey errors.

With an outside diameter of 36mm (1.42”) the Champ Gyro is the only North Seek Gyro which can confidently survey smaller diameter holes or inside small diameter RC innertubes.

Axis onSite™ wirelessly transmits surveys from the Champ Gyro’s handheld device via Wi-Fi or cellular data at the rig or project office, providing users with real-time access to critical drill-hole survey information. Data is accessible from the onSite™ Client Portal or from any geosciences or drilling workspace, delivered by Axis’ seamless and automated enterprise software API integration.

The field proven, driller operated Gyro.


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Champ Gyro is compatible with

Survey Analysis Software
Wireless Data Transfer



  • Azimuth : +/- 0.75°* (North Seek)
  • Dip : +/- 0.15°
  • Gravity Toolface : +/- 0.15°
  • Gyro Toolface : +/- 0.75°


  • North Seek : +/-20° to +/-90° dip

Depth Assigment

  • Manual user input
  • Wireless, integrated & automated assignment (available with electronic counter)


  • Re-chargeable Li-ion, 5000mAh
  • 30 hours continuous operation
  • Two battery modules supplied

Temperature, Shock & Pressure Rating

  • Temperature : -10°c to +70°c (14°F to 158°F)
  • Shock : 1000g Axial, ½ sine, 1ms
  • Pressure Rating : 4000psi

Dimensions & Weight

Downhole Probe

  • OD : 36mm (1.41”), L : 1640mm (64.56”)
    Wt : 7kg (15.43lbs)


  • L : 1117mm (45.9″), W : 410mm (16.1”) H : 180mm (7.1”)
    Wt : 25.0kg (55.12lbs)

Measurements & Communication

  • North Seeking single-shot, multi-shot & orientation operation
  • North Seek shot time at stated accuracy 120s
  • Precision North Seek modes options >120s

*North Seek azimuth accuracy is latitude and dip dependant (1 sigma).
Technical specifications are subject to change without notification.

The Champ Gyro offers the ultimate in simplicity, performance and productivity.

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