Continuous Gyro
Survey on-the fly technology

Continuous Gyro
Survey on-the fly technology


Next Generation Precision

Champ Pilot

The Champ Pilot is a continuous solid state gyro system that allows users to rapidly survey drill-holes with confidence.

The Champ Pilots™ high-speed continuous survey capability is flexible to all drilling environments at surface or underground and is capable of survey speeds of up to 100m (328ft) per minute.

The Pilots™ next generation features, and mode of operation allows users greater flexibility to survey a wider range of drill-holes without complicated and time consuming setup procedures or deployment techniques.

Depth stations can be assigned manually or wirelessly via AMT’s Electronic Depth Counter.

Battery modules have a 30-hour life and with two supplied as standard you will never run short on power.

Axis onSite™ wirelessly transmits surveys from the Champ Pilot’s handheld device via Wi-Fi or mobile data at the rig or project office, providing users with real-time access to critical drill-hole survey information. Data is accessible from the onSite™ Client Portal or  from any geosciences or drilling workspace, delivered by Axis’ seamless and automated enterprise software API integration.


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Champ Pilot is compatible with

Survey Analysis Software
Wireless Data Transfer



  • Precision : 0.1% or 1/1000
  • Inclination : +/- 0.15°
  • Gravity Toolface : +/- 0.15°


  • -80° to +80° dip

Downhole Travel (continuous mode)

  • Max Angular Rate : 2000° per second rotation
  • Velocity (continuous survey) : up to 100m/min (328ftm/min)

Depth Assigment

  • Manual user input (via operating software)
  • Wireless, integrated & automated assignment (available with electronic counter)


  • Re-chargeable Li-ion, 5000mAh
  • 30 hours continuous operation
  • Two battery modules supplied

Temperature, Shock & Pressure Rating

  • Temperature : -10°c to +70°c (14°F to 158°F)
  • Shock : 1000g Axial, ½ sine, 1ms
  • Vibration : 10g rms 10-500Hz
  • Pressure Rating : 4000psi

Dimensions & Weight

Downhole Probe

  • OD : 36mm (1.41”), L : 1640mm (64.56”)
    Wt : 7kg (15.43lbs)

Downhole Probe

  • L : 1117mm (45.9″), W : 410mm (16.1”) H : 180mm (7.1”)
    Wt : 25.0kg (55.12lbs)

Measurements & Communication

  • Continuous data acquisition every 1m at 60m/min (3.2ft at 197ft/min)

Technical specifications are subject to change without notification.

Rapidly survey drill-holes
with confidence

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