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Survey every time you pull core with Champ Gyro™ in a Champ OSA™.

The Champ OSA™ (overshot Assembly) is unique running gear which allows you to run a Champ Gyro or a Champ Navigator survey as you retrieve a core sample. This innovative approach eliminates the need for a separate survey run.

The Champ Gyro and Champ Navigator are the slimmest North Seeking Gyro on the market with an OD of 36mm (1.41”) which enables the Gyro to be run independently of the Champ OSA for orientation or continuous surveys. For overshot operation the Champ probe is inserted within seconds into the assembled OSA which remains assembled for further operation without any need to remove the Champ probe for activation or download.

The discrete design of the OSA provides real estate for superior shock proofing resulting in sustained performance and data accuracy.


  • Significantly increases drilling productivity over single shot surveys

  • Improve hole positional certainty through discrete north seeking measurements

  • Enables the driller to confidently run surveys without time consuming setup procedures.

  • Simple and highly effective quality control and audit

  • Integrates with any standard overshot and can be run in rod sizes from B to P

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Survey every time you pull core with Champ Gyro™ in a Champ OSA™


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