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Your source for advanced
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The Champ Gyro™ is an innovative North Seeking solid state gyro system that allows users to take high accuracy singleshot, multishot or orientation measurements at the push of a button.

The Champ OSA™ (Overshot Assembly) is unique running gear which allows you to run a Champ Gyro™ or Champ Navigator™ survey as you retrieve a core sample. This innovative approach eliminates the need for a separate survey run.

Champ Navigator_RGB_TM_72dpi

The Champ Navigator is a multi-functional North Seeking solid state gyro system allowing users to both align a drill rig and survey the drill hole – with one tool.

Introducing Axis

Axis Mining Technology is proud to introduce the Champ range of downhole survey tools and measurement systems. Our technology is highly developed and ready to meet the demands of your operation. Use of our unique technology directly improves your bottom line. With over 25 years experience in developing downhole instrumentation we know our business and strive to offer a premium level of service and support.

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