Integrated Core Orientation

Integrated Core Orientation

Champ Ori_TM

No Extensions
No Maintenance
Just Drill

Champ Ori


Axis is the industry leader in delivering measurement solutions which operate within the normal drilling process.

The Champ Ori fully integrates with existing coring hardware by replacing standard components of commonly used inner-tube head assemblies.

The ori tool remains within the head assembly to communicate, mark core and drill the next run – without disassembly.

One kit. All sizes. Just drill.


Compliance with manual handling safety guidelines is assured by the Champ Ori’s average kit weight of 5.7kg (12.59 lbs).

Once installed into the inner-tube head assembly, the ori tool requires no re-charging, assembly or disassembly, reducing handling frequency and risk.

The Champ Ori system does not require outer-tube extensions, diminishing the risk of costly extension failure downhole and resulting hazards.

No handling. No hazards. Just drill.


With no consumables to purchase or pay for at the end of project, costs are lower in comparison to conventional extension type orientation systems.

Shipping costs and logistical overhead are reduced due to low kit weights and no requirement for heavy extensions or adapters.

Being integrated, inner-tube descent time is not affected in any way as with conventional non-integrated type systems, which can compromise drilling productivity.

No consumables. No maintenance. Just drill.



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Kit Configurations

  • AMK3000 : B, LTK60
  • AMK3010 : N, N2, N3
  • AMK3020 : H, H3, P, P3
  • AMK3021 : N, N2, N3, H, H3, P, P3

Accuracy & Range

  • Range : -88° to +88° dip
  • Roll : +/- 0.75°
  • Dip : +/- 1.0°

Temperature & Pressure Rating

  • Temperature : -30C° to + 60°C (-22°F to 140°F)
  • Pressure Rating : 6000 psi


Integrated non-rechargeable lithium battery
Battery life:

  • up to 6 months (B, N sizes)
  • up to 6-12 months (H/P size)

PDA Handheld

  • Re-chargeable lithium battery
  • Standby : Up to 35 days
  • Operating : Up to 40 hours
  • Charge time : <1hour

DrillTough Handheld™

  • Replacable AA Alkaline
  • Operating : Up to 12 months normal use

Dimensions & Weight

Module B

  • OD : 42.9mm (1.69”), ID : 16mm (0.63”), H : 54mm (2.13”)
    Wt : 360g (0.79 lbs)

Module N, N2, N3

  • OD : 55.7mm (2.19”), ID : 25.6mm (1.01”), H : 63.4mm (2.50”)
    Wt : 570g (1.26 lbs)

Module H, H3, P, P3

  • OD : 70.0mm (2.76”), ID : 31.9mm (1.26”), H : 73.0mm (2.87”)
    Wt : 1,150g (2.53 lbs)


  • L : 350mm (13.78”), W : 290mm (11.42”), H : 195mm (7.68”)
    Wt (average) : 5.71kg (12.59 lbs)

Technical specifications are subject to change without notification.

Integrated Core Orientation

A complete kit to orientate N, H & P sizes (AMK 3021)
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